The Story

The story is set in present-day Seiso Academy, a school divided into a General and Music department. The school, which is famous for its prestigious music program, holds a music competition every few years, and selects only a handful of the most exceptional students (usually from the Music department) to participate. The story begins with a surprise selection from the General department for the upcoming competition, who will shake things up with her presence.

Hino Kahoko, the heroine of the story, is a normal second year high school student, with no outstanding talents or ambition. That is, until she is selected to participate in the school's music competition. With no previous background in music, she suddenly feels overwhelmed in this whole new world of music, love, and rivalry with her fellow participants... who happen to be the most beautiful and talented boys in school! They each have their own unique charm and personality... and they are all showing an interest in her?!

In time, she begins to gain an appreciation for music and develops a love for playing the violin as she touches the lives of those around her.


Kiniro no Corda / La Corda d'oro (金色のコルダ) is a role-playing game series from Koei, and was later adapted into a manga and anime. It is a modern-day love story set in a music school, and follows its Neoromance series predecessors, Angelique and Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, with its otome game and shoujo characteristics.

The original game was released in September 2003, with a sequel following in March 2007. A manga adaption followed in October 2003, and was serialized in the monthly LaLa magazine, by Kure Yuki (the game's character designer). The series also turned into a 25-episode anime in October 2006, with an OVA special following in March 2009.


Kiniro no Corda Win
Kiniro no Corda 2 PS2 2007.03.15
Kiniro no Corda 2: Encore PS2 2007.09.20
Kiniro no Corda 2f PSP 2009.02.26
Kiniro no Corda 2f Encore PSP 2009.08.20


Volumes 17 (final) 2011.07.05
Chapters 2011.05.24


Kiniro no Corda ~primo passo~ 25 + 1 SP 2006.10.01 -
Kiniro no Corda ~secondo passo~
2 2009.03.26,


Hino Kahoko is a second year student from the general department. Has no experience with music, but is able to play with the help of the magical violin that the fairy gave. She is determined to learn how to play on her own.

Hihara Kazuki - A third year student from the music department. Born on December 12, B blood type, and 178cm tall. He's a very friendly and energetic guy, and his trademark is his smile. He plays the trumpet, and builds up his lung capacity by running every morning.

Yunoki Azuma - A third year student from the music department. Born on June 18, AB blood type, and 172cm tall. An elegant and graceful gentleman, with beautiful features and tons of admirers. He plays the flute.

Tsukimori Len - A second year student from the music department. Born on April 24, A blood type, and 178cm tall. He is one of the best violinists around, and takes his music seriously. Although quite popular, he is cold and reserved.

Shimizu Keiichi - A first year student from the music department. Born on August 26, A blood type, and 168cm tall. He's calm and goes at his own pace, and is often sleepy because he practices all night. He plays the cello.

Tsuchiura Ryoutarou - A second year student from the general department. Born on July 25, O blood type, and 181cm tall. He's a member of the soccer team and is a very helpful guy, but he's actually quite the talented pianist.