The site was launched on April 14, 2005. It is entitled Encore, which is a music term where an audience demands another performance when a performance was really good. Who wouldn't wanna hear an encore from their favorite boy at Seiso Gakuin? ♪


Version ~Ikemen Paradise~

Version 2 features the main boys from a scan of my LaLa clearfile furoku ♥ Kure-sensei, thank you for finally granting my wish and drawing a sexy shot of the boys with neckties! X3 I wanted a cool and dreamy theme, and love the serious and mature expression on their faces. Launched on July 10, 2007.

Version ~School Days~

Version 4 is inspired from the Kiniro no Corda 2f encore game and features all the boys in the series ♪ I wanted a warm and fluffy design and kept things light and simple. I love how the boys are all smiling gently at you as the sakura petals dance around them X3 Launched on August 16, 2020.

Version ~Harmonia~

Version 5 is from the Kiniro no Corda Octave game, which features updated character designs for everyone ♪ The story's main theme is love and music, and I wanted a colorful and playful design focused on the boys and their beloved instruments ♥ Launched on August 17, 2020.


Kiniro no Corda Series

Character: Etou KiriyaCharacter: Fuyuumi ShokoCharacter: Hino KahokoCharacter: Ousaki ShinobuCharacter: Tsukimori LenCharacter: Yunoki AzumaRelationships: Tsukimori & Hino

Other Series

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