The Story

The story is set in present-day Seiso Academy, a school divided into a General and Music department. The school, which is famous for its prestigious music program, holds a music competition every few years, and selects only a handful of the most exceptional students (usually from the Music department) to participate. The story begins with a surprise selection from the General department for the upcoming competition, who will shake things up with her presence.

Hino Kahoko, the heroine of the story, is a normal second year high school student, with no outstanding talents or ambition. That is, until she is selected to participate in the school's music competition. With no previous background in music, she suddenly feels overwhelmed in this whole new world of music, love, and rivalry with her fellow participants... who happen to be the most beautiful and talented boys in school! They each have their own unique charm and personality... and they are all showing an interest in her?!

In time, she begins to gain an appreciation for music and develops a love for playing the violin as she touches the lives of those around her.